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2018/09/29 Golang

It is happy to use sync.RWMutex with map

var ConnectionPool = struct {
  pool map[string]Conn
}{pool: make(map[string]Conn{})}

Regard func() as the object, regard interface as the object

what is the func()? It is a type, regard it as the object.

what is the func()? It is a object

package task

type TaskHandler interface{
  ProcessAction(params map[string]interface{}) (result interface{})

type SQLTaskFunc func(params map[string]interface{}) (result interface{})

func (fn SQLTaskFunc) ProcessAction(params map[string]interface{}){
  return fn(params)

var HandlerPool = struct {
  pool map[string]Conn
}{pool: make(map[string]TaskHandler{})}

func RegisterTaskHandle(key string, handle TaskHandler) {
  defer HandlerPool.Unlock()
  HandlerPool[key] = TaskHandler

package action

import "task"

func init() {
  params := map[string]string{
    "name": "foo"
  task.RegisterTaskHandle("key", task.SQLTaskFunc(updateFunc(params)))

// updateFunc is the same type as SQLTaskFunc(相同的传入参数和返回值,所以他们是同种类型type的func)
func updateFunc(params map[string]interface{}) interface{} {
  // do something with params
  return "Well Done"

// you can wrapFunc, it is a good way
func wrapFunc(f func() error) func() {
	return func() {


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